A New Adventure || Blogmas Series Day 1

Hey Friends!

So I’m sure most of you have heard of the hugely popular YouTube series ‘Vlogmas’ where people do videos most every day of December.  I think it’s pretty cool, so I thought to challenge myself, I would do a ‘Blogmas’ series starting today, and post every other day until January 1st!  I know the 4th is kind of a random date to start this, but I don’t really think there is anything wrong with it either, so whatevs. 😄

This is a huge undertaking to be posting almost daily! But I am really excited to be doing this and see what I learn from it! I always feel so lost on what to post, because I feel like who am I to be ‘teaching’ life advice.  I mean I know I have useful things to share, and I am constantly reading and learning and love to share it with people who enjoy personal growth as much as I do,  I just never want to try and encourage others to do things and hold themselves to certain standards I’m not even doing myself.  Sure I try my best, but I’m only human and we fall on our face many times throughout our journey of personal discovery and growth.  The important thing is to keep getting back up!

So instead of trying to think of how to write a post every day on ‘what you have to do to improve yourself’, I’m just documenting my daily journey to show the real, raw side of trying to develop a healthier mind and body, along with living a busy life as a mom and wife.

I don’t want to bore you with a bunch of random details like what I had for lunch and dinner or how I took my dog for a walk and he chased a skunk, lol! So I will mostly just stick to the relevant points of the day, and just share what I’m currently learning and working on.

Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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December 4th,
I woke up at 6am today!  May not seem real early, but normally I go to bed anywhere between 1-2 am since those are the only hours I get any ‘me’ time to do projects, read etc.  So over this past month I’ve been trying to switch up my routine and wake up 2 hours before my son, and get to bed at a decent time because it is much healthier that way! Also when you wake up refreshed, have a little time to be industrious, that feeling of accomplishment stays with you all day and just keeps you in a more positive mood. 😊 It’s much better then waking up to your kids crying and you opening your eyes and pleading for it to not be morning yet. That starts off your day in a late / hurried rush and the rest of the day continues in that pattern.

I was really happy to get some reading in, currently I’m reading ‘You are a Badass at Making Money’ by Jen Sincero, and oh my gosh she has got to be my favorite author of all time! There are thousands of great leaders, philosophers, writers out there that all have amazing advice, but sometimes certain authors don’t have a great way of making their words fun to read. Sure they have great lessons to teach, but if it feels like a knife to the brain every time you read a chapter, you’re likely going to dread reading. Which by the way is a bad thing ha! Reading should be a fun and inspiring experience!

I spent the evening catching up with my sis on the phone, which is one of my favorite things ever!  That really uplifted me and is actually what gave me the motivation to start this series!

It was a great day and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!



If you have any recommends for future posts leave me a comment below, and please let me know if you like this series!
Thanks for reading!

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