Morning Routines || Blogmas Day 2

Hello humans!  Welcome backkkkk! 😃

Today’s topic is Morning Routines. Love em? Hate em? Let me know!

So ever since I’ve been getting up early and trying to get all my tasks done in the morning instead of late at night, I’ve been trying to find a morning routine that is both efficient for getting tasks done, and prepares my mindset for the day ahead.

This might sound corny, especially if you’re usually rushing out of the house 5 minutes after you wake up to go to work or school, but I think anyone can benefit from having a mindful morning routine if they’re willing to adjust their schedule a little.

I think for moms especially, if we ever dream of having some ‘me time’ on any sort of consistent basis, about the only time we’ll ever have to read, plan our day ahead, try meditation, or maybe even have quiet time to enjoy our hot coffee is in the early morning.

Anyways, I haven’t really perfected it yet, and obviously every day is different, but for me I’ve found that when I wake up with at least enough time to;

1. Wash my face & brush my teeth
2. Listen to a positive message (I love the Be Inspired channel on YouTube, podcasts are great too but I prefer something that is under 10 minutes this time of day.)
3. Make and enjoy my coffee, and sometimes I’ll build myself a healthy nutritious breakfast that makes me happy (instead of just grabbing a banana or granola bar etc)
4. If I have time I’ll read, or write in my planner. Both are very enjoyable and have a positive impact on my day, especially if I have a lot I need to get done and I feel disorganized and stressed. Writing it all out really helps me to be more clear on exactly what needs done and in what priority.

So it’s pretty simple and to the point, and I have tried different things like mediation, yoga etc. I am not doing them on a consistent basis now, but if I find something that is a non negotiable, I will certainly update y’all! I would love to get in the habit of working out in the morning but right now it just isn’t happening so I just focus on what I can. I see what feels right for the day, and my productivity depends on how much time I have. Some days I get up at 5 and have a good 3 hours, other days I wake up 15-20 minutes before my son so I am obviously a little more rushed.

I believe having a moment to clear your head first thing in the morning, evaluate what needs done that day, and check into your inner self and see how you are feeling will really prepare you for whatever lies ahead.

We go through life doing essentially the same thing day in day out, just rushing to keep up with our obligations, wake up, rush to work, keep the bills paid, stuff some food in our face, watch some tv, or scroll through our phones, go to bed, only to wake up and do the same thing tomorrow and the next day and next and so on.

And yes, sometimes we have those moments we look around and say where did the year go?! When did our kids get so big? When did I stop making time to do the things I love? I intended to change my life 4 years ago, why the hell is everything still the same?! Except my age and the year of course…

Time is a luxury we will never get back.

It all comes back to these little things like what we choose to do in the wee hours of the morning. If we want to change our lives there isn’t usually just one big thing we can do and be like bam, new person. It’s what we do on the daily, in the 15-30 minutes before we head to work, head to school, or wait for the kids to wake up.

This is why waking up early and doing my best to achieve a morning routine that is efficient and beneficial to my mental health is so important to me. It may not be a huge step, but its by doing the little things we achieve the big things!

Hope you enjoyed this! Let me know your thought below.

See you tomorrow!
XO 💘

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