Girly Gift Guide || Blogmas Day 3

Well hello again! Today’s Blogmas is a gift guide, but not just any gift guide.
So since Christmas is nearing, I’m sure we all could use some gift inspo, and more importantly, some AFFORDABLE gift inspo! In case you have a lady or a sister or someone in your life that likes blush pink and cute warm pajamas, this gift guide will be a life saver because everything is gorgeous and (currently) under $20!*

I hope you think it is as adorable and phenomenal as I do! 😄
Happy Shopping!


1. Kitten Pajamas
If you click the link you’ll see their are a few different styles of these pjs, and I am in love with them all! I purchased one set for my sister (Oh Deer Set) and I was so tempted to keep them for myself, buuut I didn’t. Maybe after Christmas I’ll get them when the ole wallet isn’t crying and begging for mercy as much as it has been. 😂

2. Jewelry case
What girl doesn’t need a case like this for her special accessories? Whether you’re traveling or just need somewhere to store special rings, earrings etc, it’s nice to have a designated place to put them at night instead of tossing them on the dresser like I do. 🙈. Yes I put this at the top of my Christmas List!

3. Wallet
Wow this wallet. Perfection!  Who wouldn’t want it?!  Plus it comes in 3 different colors!

4. Crossbody Purse Dusty Pink
What can I say except OMG, So. Freaking. Cute! The perfect purse to store the adorable wallet above in. This one did broke my $20 rule (its currently $22). It also comes in several colors, and I am loving the green color as much as the pink!

5. The Happy Planner
Absolutely love this! The most gorgeous and affordable Planner I have ever found! I bought this exact one for myself, and they have tons of different designs and accessories too!  Last year I spent over $60 on a planner, and while I enjoyed it, I just couldn’t justify it since you can only use them for one year.  So this year I am back to my favorite planner, The Happy Planner!!!

6. Cozy Fleece Slippers
Need I say more?! Cozy. Slippers. Sheep. All of the best things in one!

7. Bubble Bath Gift Set 
Ok so you might say uhh woman this is basic. And I would say, well kind of. But do you know how many times I’ve said dang I wish I had some bubble bath when I’m in the mood to soak, And how many times I’ve went to the store and randomly thought hey I should buy bubble bath?! All the time to the first, and basically never to the second. Buy yo girl some bubble bath, k. Or whatever. But personally I’d love it!

8. Fleece Bowknot Hairband
I love these! So cute, and perfect for when you’re washing your face and don’t want water all up in your fresh hair. 💁🏻‍♀️


Ok well that’s it!  I hope you found some gift inspiration, and if not then maybe you have a few things you want to buy for yourself now!  Hey you need lovin’ too, and since everything is pretty affordable you wouldn’t even have to feel guilty! 😜



*PS- All prices are currently under $20 but are subject to change.

No affiliate links are used in this post, I just wanna share some cool deals and ideas with y’all!


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