10 Favorite TV Shows || Blogmas Day 4

Hey Friends!
How are y’all liking the daily posts? It’s been weird trying to post so often but it’s actually a lot of fun to see what I come up with! Most the time it’s an oh shit at 11pm when I’m headed to bed so I try to hurry and get something done without sounding like it’s last minute and rushed. 😂 (Done is better then perfect right?!)

So like I’ve mentioned previously, some of my topics are a little random since I don’t have a ton of interesting stuff to write about from my daily life. But today’s random topic is a list of some of my current favorite tv shows. They aren’t necessarily new ones, but they have all recently come out with a new season!

During winter since we are indoors more and it gets dark so early, if you’re anything like me you like cozying up at night and watching an episode or two of a good show! Once in awhile on the weekend if I’m feeling super fancy and don’t mind living off of 2 hours of sleep, I’ll do a late night binge and maybe have a lil wine and a lil popcorn. That’s about as wild as my #momlife gets right now. 😁
Sometimes it’s just nice to relax, and catch up on some tv every now and again!

Anyyywho. Onto the list!

1. Modern Family
If you’ve never seen this show, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. Kidding. But seriously it’s so good! My top 2 characters are hands down Gloria Delgado (Sofia Vergara) & Phil Dunphy. (Ty Burrell)

2. American Housewife
Ok so if you haven’t noticed I love all of the comedy family series, but this show is a top favorite because of Katy Mixon! She is such a great actress, and I feel like we would be best friends if we ever met in real life hah!

3. Goldberg’s
Yes another family series, but it’s sweet, funny and super relatable for me as mom! It’s based on the 80’s too so it’s a little different then all the other shows in its category.

4. Blind spot
For an action / suspense series, this one is great! Kind of seems like they’ve had a hard time coming out with new hit shows in this niche the last few years. They’ll have a great first season, but they can never really hit the same standard with the second so they kinda just bomb out. So far though, they’ve done great with keeping the suspense going in this one!

1. The Mick
Ok so this one is a little terrible but also hilarious. 😂 Not family friendly especially, but it makes me laugh so I keep watching. Don’t judge lolllol

6. Mom
This mother/daughter duo is anything but normal, but I love that this show can be so funny, and yet simultaneously teach you about some of the greatest struggles some people go through and battle in life. Also I love Anna Farris so there’s that.

7. Superstore
I feel like this is one of those dry humor shows, and I really thought I would have gotten sick of it but so far they’ve done good at keeping me interested! I weirdly like the dry humor though, I think the ridiculousness of it can’t help but make me smile. 😄

8. Fresh Off the Boat
Another comedy family series. Not my top favorite but it’s pretty funny and sweet. I guess I’m into the sentimental genre or something haha.

9. The Big Bang Theory
I’m sure everyone and their pet rock has heard of this show, so if you don’t like it I don’t think we can be friends. Kidding. But I love nerds and I think this show is awesome!

1. Lucifer & Empire
I put these on the same line because I have a love hate relationship with shows like this. Sure the drama sucks you in and the actors are mostly amazing. but I don’t like all the violence and hatred/ fighting. If you can’t tell almost every other one on this list is comedy. If I’m going to watch tv I want it to put me in a positive jolly mood! But I love Cookies character so I keep watching if for no other reason then to see her incredible fashion inspo!

Hope you liked this post, and if you were looking for a new show to watch maybe this list will help you out! I believe all of these but Big Bang Theory & Mom are on Hulu, so check that out if you wanna find them. 😊

Alrighty then, ttyl!

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