My Blogging Journey || Blogmas Day 9

Hello Beautiful Humans!

I’m sure many of you are here because of the giveaway on my IG!  I just want to say, I am so happy I am able to do something for one of you, to show you my gratitude and appreciation for following this little blog!  If you care to hear a little of my blogging journey, read on!

2 years ago I spent many nights, unable to sleep, because I wanted to start a blog so badly, but I couldn’t think of a good name for it! I have an entire notebook full of all the ideas I had, but whenever I found something I liked it was either already used, or cost like $2000! Yes people buy good blog names and then sell them to you for a ridiculous amount, but I had nowhere near that cash, so I kept looking!  Finally one day I had the epiphany to combine 2 words that I felt described me, wife & stylist, and voila!

Wifestylist was born!

I was shocked this name wasn’t already taken, but also super grateful because it was the start of something wonderful! I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write on my blog, my original idea was kind of Lifestyle, Decor, DIY’s, but I had a hard time being consistent and would get super excited, work really hard and make a post, and it hardly got any attention.  Other times I would wake up at midnight and write down some ramblings while I was still half asleep, say what the hell and post it, and one particular post like this organically got over 500 shares and was seen by over 30,000 people just being shared by friends and family!!! (It is pretty rare for a post to spread that widely without being shared by a major news page or by someone with a large following). So it was a incredible feeling for me to have reached that many hearts with my writing!

I knew I was onto something. I connected with people far more through my honest heartfelt writing then by a ‘Simple DIY’ or a smoothie recipe. But if you have ever tried to write a heartfelt letter to someone, you know it takes a ton of focus, pure emotion and vulnerability all out there in the open for someone, or for the world to see, if your sharing on a blog like I am.  It’s a lot of pressure!

I will admit one of my greatest weaknesses is caring to much what other people think of me. If I know someone dislikes me or says something mean about me, I will do anything I can to prove to them I am a good person and should be liked! But this isn’t healthy, because no matter what you do, there will always be haters. There will always be those negative people who love to bring others down, especially if they see them being happy or successful. This is definitely one of the hardest lessons for me to accept, even still to this day! But I have recently come to realize I have tried so hard to live my life by the ‘cookie cutter’ proper way that people expect, and obviously, living according to their ‘standards’ or ‘opinions’ has gotten me nowhere. NOWHERE.

I had set huge income goals when I started my blog, since many of the established bloggers I looked up to have courses that make it look like you can easily rake in $5k by sharing a couple affiliate links. Many said ‘Oh it can take like 3-6 months to make money, but it’s really quite easy! Look at my giant paycheck!’ But there is soooo much more that goes into it, most especially consistency, and I was (am) terrible at that. Even making my first $10 was incredibly difficult and took me nearly a year!

I decided at one point that if I wasn’t consistently making $100 a month by the end of 2017 I was going to shut the blog down. But then I read a book that reminded me why our passions and dreams are important, That we only fail if we give up, and I knew I couldn’t shut down this blog that I had put so much time and effort and passion into, without knowing I did everything in my power to make it successful!

So here we are. The end of my second year of blogging, and while I may not make the income I would like, I have learned soo much. And That knowledge is priceless!

I like to think that maybe sometime, somewhere, My words can reach someone who needs them and change their life for the better. If I could help even one person I know it is all worth it!

I have many exciting plans and goals for the new year. And I promise it will be better then ever before!  I am not sure if I still fit my original blog name, Wifestylist, with the direction my blog has gone.  If it isn’t clear, I now am most passionate writing about Personal Development, and Living Your Best Life, without apology, without regrets!

Even if I choose to rebrand later, Wifestylist will always be a name close to my heart, and I will definitely maintain all rights to it, since it is such a huge part of my blogging journey!

If you’ve made it to the end of this post, thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed reading about my journey so far, and will continue to follow along in the New Year!

Much Love To You All,
Merry Christmas Eve Day,

Xo- Laveda ❤️

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