About Me

Welcome to Wifestylist!

I am so happy that you’ve stopped by!  I’m Karen, the writer of this little space.   I’m a twenty something momma to a wonderful, energetic little boy named Breyden, and wife to my very handsome and supportive hubby, Char.

How it started-

Writing has always been something I felt very passionate about.  I started my blogging journey March of 2016 to write about misc lifestyle subjects that I enjoy.  But nothing I wrote about was something I felt connected to enough to write about on a weekly basis.  So, I started doing some soul searching about what I really wanted to focus on, and I realized that writing things from the heart, the things I’m working on becoming or overcoming as an individual is something I truly enjoy!

About The Blog 

I’m a big fan of working hard, challenging myself to push outside my comfort zone, and reaching for my full potential.  I know in this generation of #goal hashtags and overloads of cliché inspirational quotes everywhere, (I’m just as guilty as anyone, haha!) there is a big difference between ‘talking the talk’ and actually ‘walking the walk’.  So I’m working harder at setting goals in my private life, and smashing them, and getting the experience of satisfaction and empowerment from it, instead of just talking about it online.  But I also strongly believe that a big part of this is balance, having fun, and learning to relax and ‘unplug’ from the noise so I don’t feel burnt out when I need to take a break or slow down.  So, my mission for this blog is to write about and share things that inspire and motivate me, throughout my journey of self growth.

I hope some of you will find it beneficial in reaching your goals, and feel inspired to try new things in your own lives!

Much Love Babes!  -Karen

..PS- I would be absolutely thrilled if you sent me an email at Wifestylist16@gmail.com and said Hello!  I love connecting with my readers, after all you’re what makes this blog possible! 🙂